jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

"protect your love-gun from failures"

That's one of the funnier spam emails I've received in a while.

In other news, it was a footy weekend. Saturday we were at the CA State Fair all day. It went well! A steady stream of people came by, learned the basics of Australian Rules Football, and gave our "handball pass" game a try. Several even seemed rather interested and hopefully will show up at the next big practice.

Sunday was lounging around and then footy practice at the new field, which is an excellent footy field. Hopefully we can get it in the future. It was hotter than it seemed today, and we were still dehydrated from Saturday, so everyone suffered. But it was for a good cause.

Now I'm hanging out and drinking as much water as I can pour down. And tired.

Tomorrow will be a busy day full of catching up on things that didn't get done today or yesterday. Math contest prep, writing, grocery store, etc. And a leg workout because I gotta keep getting into better shape for Nationals!
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