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five links about health care

I read far too many of these articles. But I can't help myself! Beyond the bat-poo-crazy rhetoric that some edge groups are spouting, there are some pretty serious questions about what a society should do for its citizens and what citizens should do for themselves. Unfortunately, those questions and (what should be) their discussion gets drowned out by Scandal and Controversy that has very little basis in reasoned reality.

- The Five Biggest Lies in the Health Care Debate (from Newsweek). Some information to help debunk some of the flat-out untruths being spread by health insurance reform opponents.

- How American Health Care Killed My Father (from Atlantic Monthly). A high-level business executive takes a deep look at health care and comes up with thoughts and suggestions. There are some things I agree with and some I disagree with, but it's an interesting essay with lots to chew on.

- How to Think Constructively About Healthcare (from Harvard Business). Lots of charts that lead to a summary of some problems with the health care industry, along with some initial ideas for change (in the linked presentations). Interesting stuff, and actual numbers are always a welcome change from spouted rhetoric. (Yes, I hear Mark Twain tsk-tsking in the background about "lies, damned lies, and statistics").

- How Effective is American Healthcare? (from Harvard Business, follow-up to above article). The author makes up a new stat for measuring effectiveness of health care, and uses it to compare the US to other nations. Not as strong, but still a different way to take a shot and measuring the effectiveness of care (something that is tremendously difficult).

- 5 Myths About Health Care Around the World (from the Washington Post). A really nice article that compares the US health care system(s) to various health systems in other nations (both developmental peers and those we call "third-world")

Here's the money quote: "The United States is the only developed country that lets insurance companies profit from basic health coverage." Bingo. Nailed it!
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