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10 September 2009 @ 10:20 pm
Inspiration from speeches, from pigeons, and from space  
You can find writing inspiration in speeches, in the battles of pigeons versus technology, and in the pictures of the stars. Check these out, and get inspired!

Matthew Hughes tells a writers conference 'No Surrender!'. Yup. Persistence, or as I've heard it described "near-pathological persistence", is one of the keys to success in this field.

SA pigeon 'faster than broadband'. In South Africa, a pigeon with a USB thumb drive kicks the total butt of an ADSL connection. Ha! We used to have theoretical races like this in grad school - "What has faster transmission speed? A station wagon full of mag tapes or a 56K line?". As with the pigeon and the station wagon, sometimes simple, steady, and straightforward works just fine.

The Hubble Site has pictures from the newly-upgraded Hubble Telescope. Totally amazing. Space is a marvelous, and inspiring place. While you're there, check out the information about the proposed Webb telescope, which would sit beyond the Moon! (At the L2 Lagrange point).

This was your motivational post for the day. Get back to writing!