jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

going on a field trip with a bunch of fourth graders

Going on a field trip with a bunch of fourth graders is like going on a field trip with a pack of howling, ravenous, parkour-performing wolves.

OK, they're not quite *that* bad. But it was consistently loud chatter, calls for the lunches at 10:45 ("it's only 10:45!", "We're hungry!"), mad dashes hither and yon, and everything in the immediate vicinity was jumped on, over, around or used to push off for a giant leap.

It was quite an experience.

We went to the IMAX to see the "Extreme California" movie, which consists of films (IMAX films) of people in California who do extreme things in the California environment. Like, for example, sky surfing, repairing the Golden Gate Bridge, climbing 300-foot sequoias, and surfing 60-foot waves at Mavericks.

Did I mention that I don't like open heights? Did I mention these were *IMAX* films of open heights? Needless to say, at times I was gripping the movie seat arm rests quite powerfully in order to make sure they didn't go anywhere.

Oh yeah, Extreme California people also feed baby bald eagles and raise orphaned baby sea otters. Teh Kewt, It Burns, It Burns!

After that it was a visit to the California History Museum, which is a rather nice museum. The History Museum is setting up an exhibit of costumes in sci-fi movies through the years. I caught a glimpse. I will be coming back. I guarantee it. True Nerdy Goodness.

Once the field trip was done it was home, pack, and travel to ABQ for Dad's memorial service weekend. I'm in the hotel typing this, very tired, and ready to go to sleep. So I will.

Goodnight, all!
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