jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

I'll take "Ewwww, that's gross" for $300, Alex

"And the answer is:

Yeff and the kids found this in the garage tonight."


"Contestant #1?"

"What is ... a dead squirrel?"

"You are correct!"

So we came back from grabbing some dinner and going to the grocery store. As we walked to the back of the car I said "man, something outside smells nasty". Then E said "A dead squirrel!". It was behind the car, on the ground between the car and the garage door. We'd run over it either leaving to go to dinner or coming back, because it was very freshly dead.

The kids took off into the house. I unloaded the groceries, got the shovel. and put the squirrel in the trash can.

How it got into the garage in the first place, we'll never know. But that was where it met its untimely end.
Tags: gross

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