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continuing on "Walls of Stars"

Got through the third scene of "Walls of Stars, Like Eyes" in a flurry of activity this afternoon. It was a tough scene to write, I was never quite sure how far the characters go in the direction they're going. I'll have to review it once I'm done and see if it works for me.

I'm at 2100 words and there's three scenes left. Seems like it's shaping up to be about 4000-5000 words. That would be a good length, given that I've been indulging myself (and the SacSpecFic group) with 7K+ word stories. I'm really trying to keep it lean and keep it moving.

C returns from NYC sometime soon tonight. She and her friend Terri saw "Moon for the Misbegotten" starring Kevin Spacey and Colm Meaney (along with autographs and pictures afterwards), took in a performance of Upright Citizens Brigade, and hit MOMA and some good restaurants. It will be nice to have her back - things have felt a tad empty around the house, and a bit lonely. I've managed to keep myself busy, but I definitely miss her.
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