jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

The Weekend's Events (a presentation)

(in PowerPoint three-bullet-per-slide format)

SacFooty AFL Grand Final Party (Fri nite)
  • Aussie food cooking moderately successful (some burning, ANZAC Biscuits good)

  • Excellent time with drinks and cheering

  • St. Kilda Saints lose, darn it!

Kid Soccer Games (Sat morn)
  • Both teams do well

  • A's team ties strong Natomas team (nice saves by goalies, A included)

  • E predicts then scores a goal!

"Brief Encounter" at ACT (Sat nite)
  • Extremely well-performed

  • Nice use of multimedia

  • Highly recommended!

Footy Practice (Sun aft)
  • OMG it's so hot! (100+)

  • Yeff scores five goals! (caveat: most opponents have hangovers)

  • Swimming and dinner afterwards a treat

(Good format. Might use it again in the future).
Tags: footy, kids, life, theatre

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