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it was a very exciting morning in kid soccer

A's soccer team, the Honeybees, played a morning game against the Kats, a team from Rosemont. When the Kats took the field, I thought to myself "wow, those kids are small". Many of the Honeybees, A included, were easily a head taller than the Kats. What I *didn't* think about was that the Katz were playing in the first division.

Once the game started, I saw why they were a first division team. They were quick and had great ball control. After about 10 minutes, Rosemont was up 2-0 and I worried this was going to be a long day. One more goal by Rosemont and it was 3-0 at halftime and it looked like the Honeybees were going to lose for the first time in a while (they were 8-0-2 last season).

The second half was a different story. The Honeybees kept hustling, started getting to the ball first, and using their size to keep the Kats away from the ball. One goal made it 3-1, so there was a hope.

Then in the last three minutes they put in two goals, including a great shot from the top of the box by A. The game ended tied 3-3, and the Honeybees earned tons of cheers and accolades and treats from parents and family. It was a truly exciting game!

E took the team carpool to her game in the foothills, so hopefully I'll get updates from her on how it went. We'll see if she can pull off last week's feat, where she predicted she would score a goal and then went out and did it!

The rest of the day will be more relaxed. I'll watch the Stanford-UCLA men's football game while working on the math contest registration packet. Then some writing on a story for a workshop.

Tonight my brother and his wife (who are in town with their kids, who are cute and fun) will go see my sister's play at Lambda Players. Sushi for dinner beforehand, and a drink afterwards, will make the evening complete.
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