jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

there was no train station, there was no downtown (the short Ohio report)

We're in Mason, Ohio ("Ohio's Largest Playground") for the USFOOTY National Championships.

The travel here was non-eventful. Some bumps over the Midwest, but we made it to Atlanta on time, hit the transfer just fine, and landed in Dayton with no issues. The descent into Dayton was interested, as it was all clouds until about 200 feet. We're going through the clouds, accelerating occasionally, landing gear coming down, and can't see a dang thing. We could have been anywhere, and the thought briefly passed through our head if the pilot was perhaps just looking for anything recognizable! But they knew what they were doing, and were landed safe and sound.

It's raining, on and off, and has since we've been here. It will make for some interesting footy tomorrow.

Now I'm tired and it's been a long last few days. Time for a good night's sleep. Tomorrow, two games! Hopefully the action will be updated at the US FOOTY website. I'm on the Golden Gate/Las Vegas team playing in Division Four. Go Roos! (Gambling Roos, perhaps!)
Tags: footy, travel

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