jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the work cafeteria is taunting me (Fat-Stripping June)

So, Fat-Stripping June feels okay after three days. I'm doing a rough food diary and hanging around 2000 calories a day. Since I weigh 190 and I exercise most days, I think that's a pretty good plan. C says I could also get my resting metabolic rate measured to get a sense of my base consumption, but that costs $$$.

The only problem is that the work cafeteria taunted me today - there were both nachos *AND* pizza available. Boy, it was tough to resist but I did. I just had a standard chicken burrito: black beans, rice, chicken, lettuce, tomato, green salsa. But those nachos and pizza looked gooooood...

"Fat-Stripping June" sounds so ... meat industry-esque. I think I'll just rename it "Lean June".
Tags: fitness, random

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