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right now, it's all about math

I've been tremendously quiet on Internets and blog and what not. Yes, I've been out of town the last two weekends. Oct 10-11 was US Footy Nationals, Oct 17-18 was a nice trip to Ashland, and I owe trip reports on both of those.

But I've also been deep into getting ready for some math contests that I'm running under the name SACMATH (Sacramento Area Competitions in Mathematics). The first contest, an Elementary School Contest, is coming up this Saturday (October 24) at the local middle school.

Wow, this has been a lot of work. It also doesn't help that I'm writing all the tests myself. Actually, that was one of the easier parts. It's all the administrative stuff - registrations, emails, sample problems, question answering, getting a site, making sure I have all the necessary this and that - which takes up the time.

And it takes up a LOT of time. I've barely had time for working out, and barely had any time for writing.

But the contest is going well. There are 66 students in 4th and 5th grades registered. That's way more than I had ever hoped would register (I was thinking 20 would be great). In fact, I decided to close down registration because I wasn't sure I had enough volunteers for grading and proctoring (and I'm still not sure). I have boxes of trophies and ribbons to give out to the top scorers. I have a snack bar to be run by the middle school kids, plans for food for volunteers, a gym for the testing, a PA system, lots of this and that, and Guilder to blame for it.

I also have eight metric tons of things still to be done before the contest, so I'll close here. But I'm hoping this will go well and a lot of kids will have fun (and a challenge) doing math on a Saturday morning. Kee-razy, I must be. But it's a good kind of crazy.

Finally, I say this: When World Fantasy Convention rolls around next week, I will be very ready for a re-introduction to the world of being a writer. And very ready for a glass of wine in the bar!
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