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the re-charged commitment to writing post-WFC

One of the things that WFC2009 did for me was really recharge my commitment to writing. Being in the same place with so much talent, hanging out with so many of the old VPeeps, meeting so many people who were just internet names or names on the page. All that energy has really gotten me to get back hard into the writing. I'd always been "keeping going" but often at a very reduced pace especially when other things (footy, math contests) had moved closer to front-and-center.

At VP, I went back into the story "Salt, Milk, Blood, Tears" on Friday morning, hit a pocket of some form of power/energy/gas, and all of a sudden there was 888 words on the page. The last three mornings I've been getting up 30 minutes earlier and writing as a mark of my renewed commitment. In those three mornings I've produced about 2100 words. So that's almost 3000 new words in less than a week. That's more new words than I produced in October and September COMBINED.

Mark you, they might not be very good words. They might need to be almost completely tossed out and rewritten. But I'm writing, I'm making the time for writing, and I'm re-charged and re-committed to writing. And it feels gooooooood!

Amazing what one convention can do for you. Thanks to everyone who I met and hung out with at World Fantasy for the massive boost of energy. You are all AWESOME!
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