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various lunchtime tidbits

- I finished the first draft of "Salt, Milk, Blood, Tears" this morning. It closed out at 7K words, as do so many of my first drafts. Now that I have a better sense of what's going on in the story, wrt plotline, backstory, character actions, wants and needs, I can tackle the rewrite and focus on the core while filling out with relevant character details. (It sounds so fancy when I say it like that, as opposed to the pell-mell scattered typing that really happens).

- But for now, I have to finish up an editorial revision requested in connection with a recent sale. It's a interesting revision, as it's the first substantial revision request I've ever received and it will be tough to balance editor's (very relevant) feedback with my own investment in the story.

- This Saturday is the second math contest I'm running, this time for Middle School students (6th-8th grades). Registration has gone well, with just about 60 entrants, and the planning appears to be coming together nicely. As always, it's a lot of work but the enjoyment is in having a contest that goes well, is well received, and where students have fun.

- My daughters are home today (Veterans' Day Holiday) and when I walked into the family room they were watching a Looney Tunes cartoon featuring The Chipmunks. ("You go first.", "No, you go first. I insist." - those Chipmunks). I then proceeded to recite the plotline, start to finish, based on the few seconds I glimpsed. Ah, the junk that is stored in my brain.

- Apparently, someone on Fox News used footage from someone else on Fox News to mis-represent what happened at an event run by a Fox News political darling, and Jon Stewart caught them at it. Anyone surprised by this? Anyone? Bueller? Fox News: We Distort, You Decide.
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