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for a smart team, there were some dumb moves

Stanford lost Big Game to Cal, 28-34. Admittedly, Cal played better football for most of the game and did what they wanted offensively, driving down the field at will, running their offense extremely well.

Yet Stanford had chances. But those chances were ruined by some dumb choices.

Down 28-31 with 3:40 left, Stanford had a 4th and 8 from their *own* 25. Punt it away? No! They went for it, didn't make it, and Cal went 10 yards and scored a field goal. Now Stanford is down 28-34 and *has* to score a touchdown. (Remember that).

They get the kickoff to the 40 and two plays later a drop-off pass to Toby Gerhart ends up going for 45 yards! Woohoo! Stanford is on the 15 with 1:40 left. What do they do? Do they run it up the middle with their near-unstoppable fullback? No. They pass it! Result? Interception.


Hey guys? If you punt it away and Cal doesn't get the field goal, then you just need a field goal to tie. Maybe going for it from your own 25 wasn't such a smart idea after all?!?!

So, once again, Stanford manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of possible victory. That's just the way Stanford football rolls, and has rolled for many years. We're all used to it by now.

(ETA: Changed the title because I realized it wasn't the players' fault. They were executing the plan and plays given to them...)
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