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random recent links of interest

Various things I've run across and enjoyed reading.

- How Online Are You - A Writer's Scale of Internet Engagement (Scott William Carter, from someone on Twitter). Nice discussion of spending your time versus wasting your time.

- Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing: Book as Event. Dean Wesley Smith talks about writing a book during NaNoWriMo should be a beginning, not an ending, and only the first event in many events.

- Sarah Monette (aka truepenny) is wise on the the difference between self-publishing and vanity press. In light of all the Harlequin Horizons DellArte Press scandal, this is a very important point for all writers to learn. Jackie Kessler covers the badness of Harlequin's action in detail.

- The Pit Bull In The China Shop (NY Times). Frank Rich says many interesting things about Sarah Palin, and her book, and the significance for American politics and America in general.

- So that we end on a positive note, a New York Times article on an actor with cerebral palsy who is being taught how to dance and learning much more about his body as he also benefits from the efforts (Learning His Body, Learning to Dance ). Very interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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