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(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm "yeff")

  • 22:46 Chatting with toxic yum, call me Kevin and just Jo at lizzy Shannon book party #fb #
  • 23:47 At the pirate party with radcon bob and Jo #fb #
  • 08:54 Awake! Goal #1 met! Now it's shower, food, and a group coffee with Lou Anders of Pyr. Should be fun! #orycon #
  • 12:05 #orycon after a fun coffee with Lou Anders, and a good social networking panel, it's check out, shop, panel on AI, say byes, and go! #fb #
  • 13:23 Listening to panel on AI at #orycon #
  • 15:11 #orycon is done, and I'm heading towards pdx and home! Con was a good time, but I'm also ready to get back. I will miss Portland, tho #fb #
  • 16:07 The anticipated pdx crowd isn't here. Now I'm way early for my flight. Darn - coulda gone to the powell's event. Ah well. Laptop time! #fb #
  • 16:09 Oh look. At security they have a kiosk for easy shipping of lighters, liquids, and knives. Only $25, too! How nice of them :-P #fb #
  • 16:32 On a clear day in Portland, you can see Mount Hood from the MAX. Excellent! #orycon #fb #
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