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[writing] the writing report

Due to some good conversations with the editor that helped unlock the revision door on the story, I've spent the last three (early) mornings revising the story as per the editor's requests.

Now I'm at a couple small sections that need some streamlining, an overall read for consistency, and this round of revision will be done and in the mail (internet mail).

After that, it's either revision of "Salt" for SacSpecFic, or indulge myself and try to write a alt-history Disco Revolution <2K word piece for an anthology submission. Why? Why not!

Beyond that, I'll probably tackle "Giant Panda", maybe "Stars Above", shove a bunch of lazy good-for-nothing stories off the shelf where they've lingered and into the world to try to earn a living, and then call it a month. And a year. Such a year it's been, too...
Tags: revision, submitting, writing

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