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the audio from the "Jay Lake Reading" at OryCon is available

(Since Jay has posted the link on his Facebook I believe I can make this public now).

One of the things I was involved in at Orycon was the "Jay Lake Reading".

Since Jay was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery, the OryCon runners asked if anyone wanted to take his slot. The idea went up to get a bunch of people to do something nice for Jay and do a multi-cast reading of one of his stories. Mary Robinette Kowal found some good stories and split them out among the readers. Her husband, Rob, did an awesome job recording the session. The recordings are now available on Mary Robinette Kowal's website.

We read "Golden Pepper" (from Flash Fiction Online) and "The Future By Degrees" (from Seeds of Change), and had a lot of fun doing so. This was despite the water dripping from the roof, which became a torrent when the session was over.

We also raised $90 for the Clayton Memorial Medical Fund, a fun that helps Pacific Northwest writers who are having medical problems. As Jay said during his first bout of cancer, he has good medical insurance but a lot of writers don't.

If you enjoy the recordings, why not show your appreciation with a (tax-deductible) donation to the Clayton Memorial Medical Fund? Writers all over will thank you.
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