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my story "Apologies All Around" was used in a middle school SF class - cool!

Today, the Google Alert that searches for my name found what looked like a syllabus for a class.
Curious, I investigated further.

It was indeed a syllabus, for a one-week middle school class called "Science Fiction: The Worlds of Tomorrow". The syllabus covered reading SF, analyzing it, and writing it. Other stories used in the class were "The Pedestrian" by Bradbury, "Harrison Bergeron" by Vonnegut, "The Fun They Had" by Asimov, and "Just Before Recess" by James Van Pelt (jimvanpelt). The class also examined movies and TV shows such as Futurama, The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Star Trek. The full syllabus available at the teacher's website.

It sounds like a blast of a class. I'm very honored to be included, especially among such prestigious company. That certainly made my day, and I sent an email to the teacher telling him so.

Tags: apologies all around, teaching science fiction, writing
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