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Let's see. What's been up recently?

Thursday (12/17) was the work holiday party, including white elephant gift exchange, foosball tournament (run by me), and ping-pong tournament. My foosball team (Team Arsenal) once again finished second, despite having "home field advantage". In ping-pong, I almost beat the guy who ended up in second place. In gift exchange, I ended up with a truffle collection which has proved quite tasty.

Friday (12/18) was a half-day of work before the two weeks off they forced us to take gave us. That evening was the SacFooty Annual General Meeting, wherein I was voted into the office of Vice President, followed by holiday drinks at Pre-Flight, which was much fun. I left early because I had to get up early Saturday morning.

Saturday (12/19) I got up at the crack of pre-dawn in order to drive some middle school kids down to Stanford for a math contest. A total of 15 kids went, in 9 different cars, and we all managed to get there on time. The contest was hectic but fun, as I helped with various aspects and ran a Number Sense Test. At the end, trophies were given out by me, plaques by the contest organizers, and a kid from my school actually won a couple things (he's pretty sharp)!

Sunday (11/20) was exhaustion after the long day of Saturday. I slept til 9:30, and the day's output of usefulness was doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen. And eating a bunch of cookies. Someone had to do it!

Monday (11/21) was continued laziness, though I did manage to go to the grocery and move some earlier math contest results into a new spreadsheet. I might end up teaching myself Excel VB macros as a result, which would be a good thing.

Tomorrow E gets her wisdom teeth removed in the AM, so the day will be hanging out the house keeping her comfortable and starting the great office Clean Out. There will also be writing, as there hasn't been much writing the last few days.

And that's the update. Christmas in four days! Wow, that happened fast.
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