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"Walls of Stars" at SacSpec

SacSpecFic had the June meeting tonight, and the group critiqued "Walls of Stars, Like Eyes". Some positive comments on the story, especially with respect to the basic subject/plot and the technology involved (the media walls).

There was uncertainly about why Andre is in the situation he's in, exactly what makes him make the decision he makes, and the actual "bug" in the walls that helps him make that decision. Also, folks felt that the relationship between Andre and Jacqui wasn't really "there". These are all valid comments, and something I will have to work on when I start the next revision.

I won't be making the July meeting, but I will be doing a crit-by-email. Not too sure what story it will be, but it will be one of the ones bugging my brain. I also need to start getting my Critters and SFF critiques back up to spec so I can submit stories to the sites. I also want to revise stories so that I have things to submit to the sites. Much much to do.
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