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19 January 2010 @ 09:32 pm
Two talk-show guys get it right  
No, I'm not talking about Conan-Jay-Dave-Jimmy-etc. At least, not right away.

1) Jon Stewart talks (rants) about how the the Democrats don't need to get all freaked out because they only have an *EIGHTEEN VOTE MAJORITY* in the Senate (more than W ever had). They just need to get some spine. Oh well...

2) Craig Ferguson says there's more important things than which highly-paid late night talk show host gets a timeslot and even more money. And he's right. (It's Item VII on the Gawker page, about 1/4 way down).

(I couldn't get embed of either of these to work out, but they're both links well worth checking out).
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prusik on January 20th, 2010 01:01 pm (UTC)
Yup, "the Kennedy legacy goes down to a naked guy with a truck."

I also think that the press (not Jon Stewart, of course) has seriously overblown the importance of this election (and I live in MA). Or rather, if the Democratic leadership were at all in touch with the political situation, this wouldn't be that important. For whatever reason, Democrats seem genetically incapable of realizing that The Republicans Don't Want To Work With Them.

It's time that Democrats snap out of their denial about how politics now works. Nowadays, everyone mouths words about consensus, but that only works if *both* side concede. Continually giving in to the other side is not reaching consensus. Of course, this is what keeps happening because The Republicans Don't Want To Work With Them. (A corollary is that they ought to wonder how reaching any sort of agreement with Olympia Snowe would net them any Republican votes. IIRC, they didn't even get Olympia Snowe's vote for all that effort.)

Likewise, the media, for some reason, don't seem to realize that Democrats Don't Believe In Voting With Their Own Party. Having 60 Democratic Senators does not guarantee 60 votes for cloture. The Democratic leadership needs to negotiate a new super-majority for each bill. Taken in that light, a Scott Brown victory is kind of a meh.

Rather than watering everything down so that we end up with something that no one wants, the Democrats should be subjecting to Republicans to difficult votes. e.g., put true universal health care to a vote. Yes, it would fail, but then we have on the record that Republicans Would Rather You Die Than Mandate Affordable Health Care.

To be fair, the reason why Republicans were able to do so much without 60 votes is because when Democrats were in the minority, they didn't refuse to work with the Republicans. They didn't threaten to filibuster everything. The comparison isn't as symmetrical as Jon Stewart implies. But, honestly, that they have done so little with 60 Senators is embarrassing.

Like I said, they need to remember and repeat at every possible opportunity so that no one (including the public) forgets it: The Republicans Don't Want To Work With Them.

Yes, I realize that the Republicans will spin this as if it were somehow the Democrats fault that The Republicans Don't Want To Work With Them. The thing to do then is for the Democrats to ask the Republicans so show some actual sign of bi-partisanship. Not the occasional wayward Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe (or possibly, Scott Brown), but some actual movement from the leadership. The thing I hate about the so-called moderate Republican Senators is that their only effect is to provide cover for the rest of the Republican Senators. It's not like Collins or Snowe have affected legislation in any useful way.

But the bottom lines are: Democrats need to realize that The Republicans Don't Want To Work With Them. The Press needs to realize that Democrats Don't Believe In Voting With Their Own Party. (The Press has oddly mixed them up with the Republicans.)

jeffsoesbe: bald guy screamingjeffsoesbe on January 26th, 2010 06:56 am (UTC)
That's always been one of the problems with having a more liberal mind-set, is that you are capable of and willing to accept points of view that aren't exactly in lockstop with your own but still very similar.

So the more liberal Dems let the Blue Dog Dems and some independents disagree with them without punishing the disagreers to the nth degree. But, as you say, it ends up making it that much harder for the Dems to get anything done.

Just having a large majority in Senate and House (rather than an overwhelming majority) should not be an occasion for Chicken Little-esque freaking out, but instead for muscling up, circling the wagons and saying to crazy-app Reps "you want a nasty fight, you got it" and making them vote down things with marvelous names (like Safe Children Act, etc) as you suggest.

But that takes true leadership. And if you're mainly concerned about getting re-elected, true leadership goes out the window.