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LOST brain, re-activate!

Watching the LOST Season 5 Finale last night pulled the LOST part of my brain out of deep, cold storage, called "off-site tape backup" in the old days, and got me thinking about just what in the heck might happen in Season 6. Especially how it might start. So here's some basic thoughts.

Blowing up a bomb in the plotline and the world of LOST means they can do just about anything they want. But I wonder about what might be most likely. Damon and Carlton said they don't want to just reset everything, because then what was the last five years all about anyway? So the last five years need to have some weight. In my mind, this means that plotline continues.

But blowing up the bomb also needs to have some weight. All the talk about how you can't change the past, but perhaps you can change the past if you do something big enough has significance.

The rumors that all the old characters (Claire, Boone, Michael, Ana Lucia, etc) are coming back also means something.

The theory I'm shooting for is some sort of "Fractured Reality"/"Multiple Reality" model. There would be at least two realities: one where the LOSTies landed on the island, one where they didn't. Perhaps the consciousness of some/all of the LOSTies would constantly switch between the realities, much as people have switched through time (Desmond, Daniel, the Islanders).

Along with this "reality-switching" would be the realization that everything truly sucks. It's the classic plotline, for both LOST and other fiction: You get what you think you want and it turns out to be the worst thing of all.

I think this would be a fun twist, as it wouldn't the (already-covered) situations of "We have to get back to the island" or "We have to get off the island" or "We have to set things back the way they were". It could be something rather different, and Damon/Carlton have shown they can come up with something different.

There are also several big, general, questions that I think need to be dealt with fairly soon in the last season:

- What is the deal (ie, the relationship, history, etc) between Jacob, the Man in Black, and the Island? Classical Good and Evil? Ancient gods in their ancient home? The gateway to the underworld and the ancient Egyptian gods? All of the above? And why did MIB need a "loophole".

- Was the LOSTies landing on the island all part of a plan? Jacob's plan? What was the plan? And does (most) everyone who gets to the island do so because of an action of Jacob and/or Esau? Like the sailing ship (assumed to be the Black Rock) at the start of Season 5 finale?

- What about Charles Widmore, Dharma Project, the Others, and whoever hired Ilana and the gang? How did all these groups get involved with the island, and how will their situations resolve?

Just some initial thoughts. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the Final Season Premiere, and how they start setting up the situations and resolving them.

It's LOST time again!!!
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