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LOST: Season 6, Episode 1/2

And we're off and running! Intriguing stuff, all behind the cut.

So looks like my "multiple timeline" theory is going to be correct. We're seeing the timeline where the plane doesn't crash. Because the island was blown up, and is at the bottom of the ocean. Jack still should have remembered Desmond though.

Now we're in another timeline with Kate in a tree, partially deaf. But where? And when? Miles is there. And the blown up Swan hatch. And Jack. And ticked-off Sawyer.

In No Plane Crash, it's Sawyer and Doc Arzt and Hurley.

Hey, Jacob! This is either "Hurley sees dead people" or the explosion somehow has brought Jacob back. Or they're at a point in time before Ben kills Jacob.

Unhappy Locke! Boone! Unhappy Sun! Hey look, between them, it's Frogurt! And no Shannon, with an explanation.

Hm. Where did Jacob go after he was in the fire? Was there a body there?

So we have three things going right now: Timeline where plane didn't crash; continuation of timeline where Ben killed Jacob; and the third timeline where Jack/Kate/Sayid/Hurley/Sawyer/Miles are (with Jacob). I'm betting the last two are the same.

Jacob says "I died an hour ago" and I AM RIGHT! They are in 2007! And Jacob is, perhaps, putting his plan into action?

Juliet being alive was a bit of a surprise.

The use of the black ash to "limit" the smoke monster, the same black ash that was aroun the cabin, implies that Man in Black and smoke monster are aspects of each other. I'd wondered about that.

Wonder if Charlie's "I was supposed to die" means anything. And where did Desmond go? And they're landing in LA and *nobody* is happy. *Nobody*. At all. Well, maybe Sayid.

Still haven't seen (on the plane): Claire, Libby. Mr. Eko.

Maybe we'll find out what's in the guitar case? Surely we will!

The absence of Christian Shepherd's coffin might just be the first clue to Jack that something is wrong.

Hm. Who the heck are those people? This just got weird. These are people we've never seen before, who (I guess) are somehow earlier inhabitants of the island who now live at the temple. Perhaps they're one of the earlier groups that Jacob "brought" to the island? How do they relate to Richard and the recent others? Perhaps we'll find that out.

I was waiting for Kate to make a run for it. And she does!

Is that the same old list from when Ben said "Jacob had a list"? Maybe not, maybe it was indeed a message from Jacob with the instructions on it.

I'm betting these are the "backwards-talking" others, the True Others, who ended up with the kids and kidnap people like Cindy the Stewardess. And these are the magical healing waters which Ben was dropped into, which likely also account for Richard's immortality. I bet these people relate to the Black Rock ship somehow.

Seems like the people Jacob referred to when he said "They're coming" are these people. And they are scared of the Smokey aka Man in Black.

And where the heck is "home" for the Fake-Locke aka Man in Black? Who knows?

I'm sure Sayid is totally going to come back at some point.

The LOSTies are still connecting - Kate with Claire, Locke with Jack.

Richard in chains - I'm betting Richard was a slave on the Black Rock ship.

No surprise there - Sayid's alive!

Hmmm .. lots being set up here. Lots to think about. Must sleep on it. More thoughts tomorrow.
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