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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm "yeff")

  • 23:16 (Family Guy Star Wars) "I like all these electrical wires just nailed to the ice. That's probably pretty safe, right?" #fb #
  • 11:18 It's really warm here at work - I guess they turn up (off) the thermostat on holidays. #fb #
  • 12:52 Once again, I'm ready to check in and someone breaks the build!! Grrr - I am cursed! #fb #
  • 18:10 in the end, a solid vacation day of work and it's time to head home #fb #
  • 20:45 Just heard from an NBC commentator: "90% of Canadian people live between their border and ours." ?Huh? #winterolympics #fb #
  • 20:56 Cool: POV cam on the lead boarder in this run of the Snow-Cross. Wow! #winterolympics #fb #
  • 21:34 #winterolympics fun: Imagining the SnowCross competitors saying nothing but "dude" the whole race, a la "The Big Lebowski" #fb #
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