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LOST, Season 6, Episode 3: "The Substitute"

Pre-show thoughts: This one should go back to the Foot Status and what is happening with Man-In-Locke, Richard, and the LOSTies. I assume it will also cover issues in the Temple with Sayid's "infection". In the flash-sideways I bet we follow that timeline's Locke.

Oh yeah, we might also cover what's going on with Claire on the island in her "new Rousseau" phase. But I bet that will be held until next week's episode.

Yup. It's Locke in the "no crash" timeline. Who has their sprinkler control next to their front door? And who is that woman? Oh, it's Helen! And we're talking "destiny",which Locke talked about a lot in the "on island" timeline.

This must be "smoke monster POV", with all the sound effects and everything, and reflection in the window. Note that Sawyer listens to Iggy Pop - nice music choice.

(Note on the Bing commercial: I'm not sure that "Vampires Use Bing" is a very good endorsement.)

Have to wonder what Ilana is going to do with those ashes.

Back to "no crash" Locke - is this the box company? I guess so, and Locke isn't working there any more.

"Why do you look like John Locke?". Thank you, Richard, for asking a logical qeustion. Not that you got a full answer, but thanks for asking.

My TV is so messed up I couldn't tell who that kid was that Man-In-Locke saw. I'll have to check Lostpedia on that one.

Perhaps Man-In-Locke will play Sawyer with the "I came back from the dead, why not Juliet" approach. And get Sawyer on his side. I was wrong with the approach M-I-L took. You know what I'm wondering? What's in Man-In-Locke's backpack?

Funny intersection of Hurley and Locke. I had forgotten that Hurley owned the box company.

That kid looks familiar, but I can't remember who it is. Another thing to check on Lostpedia.

Interesting that Man-In-Locke tripped, like his legs gave out on him. Like real Locke. Man-In-Locke wants everyone dead because they are the keys to Jacob's plan - all the people Jacob touched.

Ha! I was wondering who was going to be the supervisor. It's Rose at the temp agency. And she does still have the cancer.

Shoot him now, Sawyer! Shoot him now! Good old LOST, answering questions with more questions.

It's one of those rare moments on LOST when people actually have a conversation, where one of them actually tells the other the truth as to what's going on. And look - everyone is much happier!

I think that's the "dragon's mouth" spitting caves in Oahu, and I've been there! I don't remember the ladder, though. Or the cave, or the tunnel.

The freeze-framers are going to have a field day freezing that frame and figuring out all the names on the ceiling. Yet another trip to LOSTpedia coming after this episode.

Schoolteacher! Interesting occupation for Locke. Oh look, it's Ben. Wait a minute, what is Ben doing here? I have to think about this for a while, to figure out how he gets off the island in 1977. (if that's the change point for Ben).

Jack is 23. Oh, no way. The numbers are the numbers of the LOSTies in the sequence of people who Jacob "recruited". Well, well, well. The numbers. At this point, I'm pretty sure that Man-In-Locke is lying about some aspect of "protecting the island" and "getting off the island".

Summary: well, well, well. That was certainly interesting. We appear to have an explanation for the numbers. At least for "a" significance, if not for why they were being broadcast on the radio (the broadcast that Hurley's crazy friend heard). We also have an initial sense of that Man-In-Locke is doing - recruiting people, probably people that Jacob once tried to recruit. I don't doubt that Richard is telling some form of the truth in saying "he wants to kill you all", and I don't doubt that Man-In-Locks is not being truthful in his goals and methods to get there. Overall, I liked the episode and I think we are actually getting a glimmer of the end game.
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