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23 February 2010 @ 10:17 pm
LOST: Season 6, Episode 4 "The Lighthouse"  
Jack, Hurley, Claire, Jin, and a new island location. And more on the numbers and candidates. Off we go!

The summary was: Hurley gets Jack to help with an errand, and Jin stumbles across an old friend. I'm assuming the "old friend" is not the beartrap, but Claire.

(I just got home from wor k right before LOST started, so my commends might be brief).

Jack has a scar he doesn't remember, and a son he does remember. The son obviously occurred sometime in the past, I wonder what (fi anything) the island blowing up had to do with it.

Jack also has a cryptic conversation with Dogen. Ah, LOST and the cryptic conversations.

Hurley has a less-cryptic conversation with Jacob. Only slightly less cryptic. Directions to do something to bring someone to the island.

Jack's son doesn't get along with him. Daddy issues, the second generation.

Jack tells Sayid the truth. That doesn't happen very often in LOST.

At least Claire remembers Jin.

I'm pleased that people are telling each other more truth: Hurley tells Jack Jacob is dead, Jack telling Sayid it was poison, etc.

Luckily the island heals people because otherwise Jin would be a feverish, infected, mess.

Claire is very much the new Rousseau, only with Even More Crazy.

Oh look, Kate! How convenient. But she's "kinda not invited". Probably because she's not a Candidate.

This is the place where Sideways Jack ("non-crash" timeline) finds out he has a half-sister.

I'm not too sure how well Mountain Woman Claire really works.

(Note: the Old Spice "man wash" ad is way way funnier, and better, than the Gillette "man wahs" ad which was just dumb).

That is surely the Shannon inhaler. And these are surely the "Adam and Eve" caves. But that was it.

Perhaps Jack and his son will work things out in this Sideways timeline. This looks like it's working towards Jack showing up at the audition/performance/whatever and David being glad about it.

Hurley has this right - it's old school LOST, and things are happening that no one understands. And there's something they've never seen before.

Other Dude is sooooo lying. Don't untie him! Well, don't do that either.

At the Lighthouse, they will do whatever Jacob wanted that will help someone get to the island and that will be the end of the episode.

Hey look, it's Dogen! Why is he off the island? Will this start the link between Sideways world and Original world?

They ddin't tell us who 108 was, but they did show Jack's house. But was that Original Timeline ("plane crash") house, or Sideways Timeline ("no crash") house? Hmmmmm?

Yup, some Jack and son reconciliation. Still wonder about the point of this whole Sideways world thing.

Jacob's playing some serious mind games. Jin's playing some serious mind games. Claire is all about mind games. Oh no, not John Locke! Nope, just Claire's friend.

Well, that was really more questions than answers but the wheel at the Lighthouse was certainly interesting. And we're getting closer to what will eventually be a battle at the Temple. But I still don't see links between the Sideways Timeline and the Original Timline. And I want to.

ext_226007 on February 24th, 2010 08:22 pm (UTC)
"Austen" was on the Lighthouse wheel and not crossed out (despite the big uproar about her not being on the cave wall last week) so I guess she still is a candidate? Though she's at #51 which is not one of The Numbers. Seems like Jacob just wanted Hurley to spin the wheel to get Jack all POed rather than caring who was at #108--that was just for Extra Number-y Goodness. Some guy named Wallace. Mike?

It sure is annoying that they keep finding all these structures along the coast that no one has ever seen before.
jeffsoesbe: lost lockejeffsoesbe on February 24th, 2010 08:43 pm (UTC)
Re: candidates
Hey, it's Sprkee! I forgot that you were a LOST fan. At first I thought the "Candidate Club" was NO GIRLZ ALLOWED but then the screencaps of the cave showed several female names...

Mike Wallace, on the wheel. As was Morley Safer. And Dan Rather. And Andy Rooney! (insert Andy Rooney impression)

yeah, the "look, a brand new island coastal structure" is a pain, especially for something as prominent as a Lighthouse. Perhaps it was in a cove?

Comment on Facebook and we'll have LOST chat there!

- yeff
(Anonymous) on February 24th, 2010 10:31 pm (UTC)
Re: candidates
Yep, it's me! Sorry for the obscure unsigned post, I was trying out my OpenID for the first time and didn't know what it would do.