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a quick set of three interesting links

I'm deep in work trying to get things in good shape before I head out to a writing workshop in Lincoln City, but here's three interesting links from the New York Times e-newsletter:

- Paul Krugman on "The Bankrupcty Boys". Well, the "starve the beast" aficionados are getting close to exactly what they want: a government that has to downsize. But what will *they* suggest cutting? Will they suggest anything at all? See if you can guess the answer...

- Thomas Friedman on "The Fat Lady Sings". In a related post, Thomas Friedman talks about what cities and towns might just do as the Lean Years come upon us. The answer? Charge everybody, for everything (police, fire, ambulance, etc).

- Evidence That Little Touches Mean So Much. On a different note, scientists are looking at non-verbal (physical) communication and seeing what can be communicated with it. The answer: A lot. Good germs for story ideas and worlds there.
Tags: communication, politics

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