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LOST: Season 6, Episode 5 "Sundown"

They say that this episode is about Sayid, so I imagine it will cover both what happens to him in the present and what happens to him in the Sideways Timeline.

I'd say this whole season (and thus the whole series) is gearing up towards a big battle at the Temple. One might think the battle at the Temple would occur before the end of the season, but then one remembers that LOST always moves slower than one might expect.

I think that "Crazy Claire" would have been more effective if instead of being "Trying to look mean with a hard set lower jaw and bug eyes Claire" she had been "All sweet and nice Claire who just says and does crazy things."

I watched the "pop-up" version of the previous episode and they are very specific: "This is not Locke. This is the smoke monster, in the form of Locke. He has recruited Claire to his side." There you go!

Sideways Sayid, in Los Angeles. If this goes like other Sideways Timeline events, things should endup all happy. Well, well, well. Nadia married Sayid's brother. I wonder how that happened. This looks like the first Sideways Timeline scene where everything isn't happy.

The scale. Just like in the cave. Give Sayid credit for getting straight to the heart of things with Dogen. And it's samurai versus ex-iraqi fighter. I'm not quite sure what the baseball had to do with anything.

That looked like a line of white ash keeping ManInLocke from going to the temple, thus requiring Claire to go.

(AD COMMENT) Wow, that is a spectacularly "C" level cast for the next Dancing with the Stars. Does anyone believe that the Gold Medal Ice Skater won't win? Anyway, back to LOST.

So in the sideways timeline Sayid was still in the Guard. And did bad things. So this episode is another one of these "Is Sayid Good or Bad" episodes.

Dogen gets called out a lot on that whole "I don't speak English" thing. I don't think it's very effective.

Stay? Go? Go. Stay. Make up your mind, Dogen. Be bad. Be good. Kill. Don't kill.

I think the whole "he is evil incarnate" thing depends on your point of view.

(AD COMMENT) I wonder how soon "I'm on a horse" will become a catch phrase. I'm on a horse.

I guess Sayid will end up helping his brother. Or his brother will end up dead. Or both. Well, more of the second though not quite.

Miles really needs something to do. He's just hanging out, playing cards, tic-tac-toe. And telling everyone what happened (Mister Exposition). And having a thing for Claire. Not even any dead people to talk to.

Smoke Monster coming. Sayid tries to kill but fails. Maybe because Smokey spoke? Maybe because Dogen knew it would fail and was hoping that Smokey would kill Sayid? Hey, I was right! (at least, from the POV of Man In Locke)

Hm. "But what if you could". That's quite an interesting statement from Man In Locke. This sounds like a possible link to the Sideways Timeline.

So Sideways Sayid did not go wreak havoc with the people who attacked his brother. Which, again, makes this the "things work out" timeline. In a sense. (But then he does wreak havoc.)

I'm totally not sure who here can be trusted - Dogen, Man in Locke, anyone?

Kate, that might have been the totally wrong thing to say to Claire.

(AD COMMENT) "Repo Men" looks like a pretty nifty movie.

(AD COMMENT) Sorry, Carmax. Dramatic capuchin monkey and Dramatic Small Dog can't hold a candle to Dramatic Squirrel.

These Temple people are totally fair-weather Temple people, aren't they? "We are so Out Of Here."

Looks like Sideways Sayid might get a chance to kick some butt after all. Hey, it's that guy, Keamy. Good thing Keamy is eating eggs because he's going to be TOAST! Like I said. (thank you ladies and gentlemen, I'm here alll week.)

Sideways Jin! That's interesting.

(AD COMMENT) I thought that the movie might have been some sort of "Twilight" sequel, but it's just the same actor in a similar role.

(AD COMMENT) The "Before They Were Stars" ad makes it look like George Clooney's dad is his biggest stalker.

Hm. Perhaps an explanation for why Dogen couldn’t kill Sayid. And for how Jacob recruited Dogen. That's all the flashback Dogen is getting. Woah. That (Sayid drowning Dogen) was a bit of a surprise. As was Sayid killing Lennon. Hm. I guess Sayid is "infected" and is a bad man after all (much as in the Sideways Timeline).

Ben sure as heck isn't going to stick around Sayid. He's just like "okay, then, see you later. Not."

Well, this is quite not what I expected. I was sure this "temple attack" was going to drag out and not happen for a few more episodes. I was actually thinking that it was going to be at or near the end of the series.

I think we can pretty much assume, though, that Man In Black is Really Really Evil. Because Jacob never slaughtered a whole temple of people just because he felt like it. And now they're walking off with mean looks on their face. To where?

Summary: So, again, I'm lost. This wasn't what I expected to happen. I thought the temple battle would be near the end of the series. Lots of the people in the temple were killed, for no real reason that I saw beyond Man In Black being ticked off. Dogen and Lennon are history. Claire is kinda bad, Sayid is really bad (kill Dogen after that touching story, really?) and Man In Locke is Tremendously Super Bad. But that's almost too simple. I'd like to think it's not that simple. If it is that simple, then I think that undercuts LOST. I'd like to think there's more to it.

And where is Man in Locke going, anyway?

Once again, LOST manages to perplex and once again I'm interested in what's coming next.
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