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events I'd like to attend one day

Short post today. Lots and lots going on, and yet to be done.

Here's some events (workshops, retreats, whatever) I'd like to attend one day:

- Rainforest Writers Village. A writing retreat on the Olympic Peninsula. Supposed to be an awesome location and an awesome time, with lots of awesome people who love writing. Open to anyone, you just have to make sure to get in really really early as it fills up fast. Maybe next year.

- Launchpad Astronomy Workshop. A NASA-funded workshop to teach writers (in many different areas) all about astronomy and space so that their work can more accurately reflect the pure amazing wonderfulness that is our universe. I applied last year and didn't make it, and since my name hasn't grown any bigger since then I doubt I'd get in. But it's still worth an application, because it's supposed to be fantastic!

Something I did attend: Viable Paradise. It was the workshop where I learned a tremendous amount about writing, learned how to be serious about this stuff (write, revise, submit, repeat), and met a tribe of writing friends who still cheer each other on to this day. Highly Highly Recommended. Information about the workshop available at the website.

Now, back to it.
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