jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

for the steampunk crowd

I've never been much of a steampunk-er, even though I did enjoy The Difference Engine and like the idea of old-time "computers" a la Babbage and Lovelace and the Antikythera Mechanism and I liked stories in All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories. I think I'm more into the machines than the people.

In any case, here's a couple good ones from WIRED:

- A 20,000 Leagues-styled workplace (like that octopus!). Check out the site of the designers, Because We Can, for more info including how it cost less than a standard cube farm (mass customization, thank you very much!).

- A virtual museum of steampunk weaponry, of which you can buy replicas from design firm Weta ("Taste hot plasma, you beast from the nether depths!")

OK, maybe I'm a little bit of a steampunk-er.
Tags: random, steampunk, technology

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