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08 March 2010 @ 07:59 pm
[writing] getting back on the submissions horse  
As part of getting back to my New Year's writing resolution of "Act Like A Professional", I'm ramping back up my submissions!

At point last year, I had 17 stories in the mail. However, as I made less time for writing and more time for other things I let my submissions lag. Slowly but surely, the stories came back and instead of sending them back out I let them sit on the electronic "bench".

There are four stories still "out" but they've been out a long time. I'll query those but I expect all four results to be "so sorry, but that was a no". This means that, as of right now, my submissions count is essentially Zero.

So, tonight, for about 45 minutes I'll figure out what's on the desk and where it can go, updating the Global Master Spreadsheet of Everything. Then I'll start the process of getting stories back out into the world. I also have a couple new stories that can go out and they get to be at the front of the queue. Status updates will be posted to LJ.

Interesting point: As a precursor activity to the submission of stories, and as another point of "Act Like A Professional", I rearranged my "Markets" list to prioritize by pay and prestige. I ended up with about 30 markets that pay near-professional rates (>= 4 cents/word), are prestigious, or both. Plenty of places to submit stories, and that's without any additional research.

Enough talking. Time to get it done. Because "get it done" is another part of "Act Like A Professional".