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LOST: Season 6, Episode 7, "Dr. Linus" (liveblog)

It's All About Ben, with a threat from the network that his life could be at stake. I doubt that, but there are rumors of lots of LOST deaths during this season.

I've taken to watching the "Pop-Up LOST" replay of the previous week's episode, because they flat out tell you things plain and simple. Here's what I learned from this episode:
- Man in Black, aka Smokey, has been helping Claire survive for the last three years in the guise of being her "friend".
- Dogen didn't kill Sayid because it would have tipped his own balance over to the dark, bad, side.
- In the flash sideways, Sayid and Nadia could have been together but he chose to not pursue it (that was essentially mentioned in the Sayid/Nadia dialogue)
- It's a good thing Keamy was making eggs because he was TOAST! (It's such a good joke I had to do it again)
- I had forgotten that Smokey attacked Kate and Juliet a long time ago (Season 3).
- Ilana came to the island to "protect the candidates".
- Richard Alpert brought (young) Ben to the Temple pool to save his life after Sayid shot him (we'd pretty much assumed this).
- The symbol on the "exit door" in the Temple (used by Jurley/Jack and by Ilana and folks) means "Eternity" or "protect".
- Widmore told Locke that if he (Locke) didn't go to the island, the wrong side would win the war.
- Kate knows Locke is "on the wrong side"

Dear Ilana and Team: If you don't want to be seen, walking through the forest with torches might be a bad idea.

The actor playing Principal Reynolds is very familiar, but I don't think he's ever been in LOST. I think he played the physics professor in REAL GENIUS. He was a scuzzball in that movie, too.

Sideways Ben and Sideways Doc Arzt teach at the same school! (with Sideways Locke). Ha!

Ben is *busted* by Miles who talks to the dead. Ben, when will you learn that lying is never the best path?

They must have walked all night, because now it's morning! Hey, I've been on that beach!

Hey, it's Sideways Ben's Dad! How did both of them get off the island? (Or were they never even On the island). And here's the explanation: they decided to leave. Sideways Alex! I guess Rousseau and the science team never made it to the island, because the island was never there?

Hey, Jack and Hurley! They've been hanging out, but now they're going back to somewhere. And it's Richard! It's like a reunion. And where has Richard been anyway?

See that book? "The Chosen" (by Chaim Potok). Sounds significant.

I've been on those rocks, right there. Not at gunpoint, but I've been on those rocks.

So Smokey killed the Oceanic 815 pilot (played by Greg Grunberg) because he thought he was a candidate? Or because he wasn't a candidate?

(AD COMMENT, Intel ad) "web surfing", ha! I remember when it was called "surfing the web"

Why agree to dig your own grave? Perhaps to stall for time.

Look, in Sideways Ben's history book - it's a Black Rock like ship!

Sideways Ben has just been handed the "keys to the kingdom" - information about Principal Reynolds being a pervert. Or, more specifically, having sex with the nurse in the office.

Oh look, it's the Black Rock! Richard figures he can die there, becausehe can somehow counteract the "gift" Jacob gave him. I'd assumed he was alive forever due to regular baths in the magical pool. BTW, Richard's "episode" is supposedly two episodes from now.

It's funny to see all the conniving, deal-making from Ben in this very different environment. That little look Ben had when Arzt said "you're a real killer" was intriguing. It lends credence to my theory that the "flash sideways" timeline is also some sort of "pocket" timeline assisted by Man In Black (or Jacob) as an out or an assist or a rewards (like for Sayid).

See, Richard *was* on the Black Rock! That's been my theory for a loooong time. That somehow he was a slave on the Black Rock, then got involved in the Jacob/ManInBlack struggle, helped Jacob win, got freedom and a "gift" of immortality (or at least, a form of it).

If Jacob's touch means people can't kill themselves, that could explain why Michael couldn't kill himself. As we were told at the time, "the island won't let you". However, Michael did finally stop blowing cold air on the bomb in the freighter, once Christian Shepherd told him to ("you can go now"), so that could be a form of "killing yourself".

Jack obviously believe he won't die, because he was touched by Jacob as well.

Jack has a really pointy nose.

Smokey! Will Smokey save Ben? Smokey is going to give Ben exactly what he wants - an out, and the island.

Sideways Ben, the blackmailer. But are they at a public school or a private school? Because in a public school, Ben could never be principal, because the district would decide. But if it is a private school, why have so many bad students and bad science facilities.

Hint to Sideways Ben: agree to not send out the emails, let him write the recommendation for Alex, let her get into Yale, *then* make the affair public. Gotta think long-term here, man.

So the parallel here between the two timelines is: What does Ben Choose? What others want (the island, or Alex) or what he wants (to run the island, and the principal job). One of the stronger "sideways" episodes, I think.

Looks like Ben is going to stick with the Jacob forces? Perhaps we should call them Team Jacob and Team Smokey.

So Sideways Ben gets what he wants after all - History Club.

And Island Ben is going for one more shot at redemption, by sticking with Team Jacob. Jin is still hanging out at Claire's hut, I guess?

Jack, Hurley and Richard are with Team Jacob. Miles has diamonds.

Smokey is going to the Hydra Station on the other island. What's he got planned there? Is that how he "goes home"?

Charles Widmore! I was just wondering, earlier this week, what was going to happen with him.

Summary: I liked this episode. I think it was one of the stronger character episodes, both in the Plane-Crash timeline and in the Sideways timeline. This is certainly because Ben is one of the stronger, and more complex characters. The decisions he made in the Sideways Timeline echoed the decisions he had made and would make in the Plane-Crash Timeline.

And we even advanced the plot forward! At least we know where Team Smokey is going. Not so much about Team Jacob, but I'm not sure they know where they're going either. And Charles Widmore! So the sides are settling out.

I still wonder about the relationship of the Sideways timeline scenes to the Plane-Crash timeline scenes. In one sense, it could just be a way of showing "here's how things could have been different" and be interesting to see the characters connecting in a different way. But I want it to link back to the Plane-Crash timeline. Perhaps the Sideways universe will be where most of the LOSTies "end up", once the events of the Plane Crash timeline play out.

Well, it's a theory at least.

Next week: Sawyer! Should be interesting. He seems like a big wild card here. And I like the idea that he's running a "Long Con" on Smokey, and will figure out how to dispose of him.
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