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back to normalcy

We've had a fun week and a half with E and A done with school and Mom visiting. Last weekend was the culmination, with Saturday being brunch at Fox and Goose (mmmm, Benedict Arnold with salmon), then swimming at the pool, then the Monarchs-Comets game (8th row behind the basket - excellent seats!).

Sunday was a big Dad day brunch at home with C's parents, C's brother and spouse (to be parents next month!), my sister S, Mom, and us. After that, S and Mom went to hang out before Mom fiew out and I spent most of the day lounging around watching the US Open golf (it's like putting in your garage). Note how the articles today said that Angel Cabrera chain-smoked his way around the course, but you never saw it. I wonder if it affected his playing partner at all.

Late yesterday we went to the store and I picked up some shorts, a shirt and some workout tank tops as my Father's Day gift while the kids got new soccer shoes. Dinner was tasty opa fish, veggies and monkey bread. Made with real monkeys! Not really, we used monkey substitute.

This week E and A have soccer camp and I'm working at home most days. Given I was at home most of last week, will be traveling to Portland two days next week, and then am on vacation for three weeks at the start of July, the office shall become a distant cube-farm memory.
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