jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

quick thoughts for a Monday

- Spending a sunny Sunday afternoon playing footy at the park is just fantastic. But I need to remember to wear sunscreen!

- When I fall asleep watching DISTRICT 9, which I've long wanted to see and which arrived via Netflix on Saturday, *that's* when I know I'm tired.

- Everyone on the road was in an insane, crazy driving mode today. I'm guessing it was the "Monday morning after Daylight Savings Time and I'm late" effect.

- I was in complete and utter "stall my writing time away" mode this morning. Shame on me. Perhaps I can make up for it tonight.

Back to work!
Tags: life, movies, writing

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    Tue, 19:34: The 400 meter hurdles at this Olympics have been AMAZING!!!

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    Tue, 10:35: cashing in the pandemic change jars!

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    Thu, 14:31: I'm impressed the pickup-full-of-pallets made it around the corner! I hope they weren't planning on getting on the freeway....…

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