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Help POLYPHONY 7 see print!

POLYPHONY, the award-winning speculative fiction anthology, is in a bind. Times are tight, and POLYPHONY 7, the latest edition, needs a certain number of pre-orders in order to see print (the link says the deadline is March 1, but it was extended - to TODAY!).

They aren't there yet.

They need to get there. POLYPHONY is one of my favorite anthologies. I have enjoyed many of the stories in past years.

The authors have already agreed to reduced rates for their stories, and these are good authors. You can see a list of stories scheduled for the anthology. You can also order a copy from that link.

Go pre-order a copy of POLYPHONY. Heck, pre-order a couple. Give them to your local library, or your local college, or your local high school. Help great speculative writing reach a larger audience.

Go order today! Go order right now! I'm going to!
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