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MAX HEADROOM is Coming to DVD!!!

For those for whom this means something, this means something.

MAX HEADROOM, one of the great 90s TV series, a series that was enormously prescient about the future of television, news coverage, advertising, and society, is *finally* coming to DVD!!!

Shout! Factory has acquired rights to put the episodes, plus any extra material they can find, on DVD. (AV Club article, Monsters and Critics article)

I for one will be putting that on my GET IT list, at the very top. I've been waiting for this series to come out on DVD forever

Here's more info about MAX HEADROOM for those who are interested:
- Wikipedia articles: the Max Headroom character, the original British movie, the TV series
- IMDB articles: movie, TV show

Here's some Max Headroom related videos:
- old Sweepstakes video
- Max on golf
- Max on Macho (includes a bit of the Pat Benatar "dance the bad man away" video
- Coke commercial
- Art of Noise "Paranoimia" video

Finally, the first 10 minutes from the first episode TV show:

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