jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

Could someone catch June, please?

Realized earlier this evening that it's already June 18 (that's eighteen) and June is almost over! Wha'happen?

I'm rather behind on the writing, especially with respect to getting my Critters and SFF critiques up to par so that I can submit work to the two places for feedback. That's going to have to be concentration number one for a time being in the writing arena. I still want to get "The Game Of Chase" revised and out to Bruce Taylor, as well as continuing on writing "Witness" and/or something else.

And, of course, there's that personal to-do list that needs attention, especially in the area of household finances and financial planning. I want to have things in some sort of decent shape before we head out on various vacations in July.

At least there's nothing on TV worth watching. Might have to ease back on the Netflix rentals in order to get things done.

'Tis a busy time. 'Tis indeed.
Tags: life, writing

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