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LOST: Season 6, Episode 9 "Ab Aeterno"

Richard Alpert! Richard Alpert! Will so many secrets be revealed? We certainly hope so. As a note, "Ab Aeterno" means "from (or of) eternity".

As always, here's Things I Learned From The Pop-Up Version of Last Week's Episode ("Recon"):
- Confirmation that Locke turned into the smoke monster and killed everyone at the temple, and that the people have chosen to follow Locke.
- "Locke is the black smoke in human form." (that's a direct quote)
- The runway that the Ajira plane landed on is indeed the runway that Kate, Sawyer and Jack were clearing many seasons ago.
- (However, the pip-ups did not explain what a brunette version of Tina Fey was doing on Hydra Island)
- The pylon is part of a fence to keep smoke monster out
- Charles Widmore is a "very dangerous man"

And here's the first LOST spinoff series: "Coming this fall, from ABC: FORD AND MILES. Ford's a cop with a haunted past who plays both sides of the law. Miles can talk to the dead. They're partners."

My predictions for things that will be learned this episode:
- Richard was on the Black Rock
- Richard was chained up on the ship (as per Man In Black's comment on seeing him). At first, I thought it was because Richard was a slave, but now I have a different idea (see below)
- Richard made a deal with Jacob where Jacob saved someone Richard loved (a wife perhaps) in exchange for Richard bringing the Black Rock to the island. Perhaps Richard was still a slave, and led a revolt on the ship. But I think Richard was perhaps the ship's navigator and led it astray. Once the captain found out, he accused Richard of treason and chained him up.
- Once at the island, Richard got involved in a "battle" between Jacob and Smokey. Richard took Jacob's side, helped somehow "lock up" Smokey, and as a result received the gift of not aging from Jacob. This also explains Smokey's animosity towards Richard.
- The statue will be topped in the middle of whatever happens.
- The Black Rock will end up a mile inland.

Let's see how right I am. Here we go!

Hm. The Jacob/Ilana scene. Interesting place to start. Ilana only gets a couple minutes of flashback. She might want to negotiate a better contract next time.

"Ricardus will know what to do next." Or maybe not. Richard is so not happy, about anything. Richard has been reading too many LOST theories on the Internet (we're dead, this is hell, etc). But where is Richard going?

And Hurley is talking to someone in Spanish. What's *that* all about?

Ricardo and Isabella. Isabella is sick with the "coughing blood" disease. Is this scene on the island? I'm betting a deal with Jacob is very soon now.

Isabella be dead. I don't think Jacob is coming after all, but I think Richard will end up a slave and on the Black Rock. This is interesting, but it's a heck of a long setup to end up on the island with Jacob. That priest is not on the list of Most Helpful Priests.

Magnus Hanso! And this is how Richard ends up on the Black Rock. Alas, my theory was off because Richard had no part in them getting to the island. I think Magnus is "infected"?

And heeeeeeere's smokey! Well. Richard survived Smokey's "test".

One has to wonder how many extras LOST has gone through during the course of the show. A pig eating people is soooo DEADWOOD.

Isabella is certainly Smokey, messing with Ricardo. Convincing him that Jacob is evil. Or not. I'm really confused here.

Most certainly this is Jacob. No! It's Man In Black. I think that Smokey (Man In Black) Is totally messing with Richard, trying to get him over to his side. And trying to get Richard to kill someone. Maybe ... Jacob? I think we've seen this situation before, perhaps?

So the boat broke the statue. Not exactly what I predicted. And I'm sorry but a boat is wooden and a status is stone. A wooden boat will not break a wooden status. So does this mean that the boat that Jacob and ManInBlack saw (start of this season) was *not* the Black Rock? Or maybe it was.

It's the sacred knife! I guess it can kill either one of them. But Jacob is pretty bad-ass with the fighting.

Jacob is trying to school people in the way to choose between good and evil, and is pretty unsuccessful.

"That, I can do." Pretty good deal.

So Richard is going to change his mind and toss his lot in with ManInBlack.

But Hurley was talking to Isabella. And he will translate for Richard. And I'm guessing he keeps Richard from joining Team Smokey. Because otherwise, we all go to hell. And Smokey/Locke is not pleased.

Summary: Overall, I liked it. The Richard history didn't go exactly how I predicted, but I was fairly close. The Jacob/Smokey battle seems to be less a battle of equals and more a battle between prisoner and jailer. Smokey's apparent game-playing with Richard, using his ex-wife and other things to try to convince Richard to come to his side, feels to me reminiscent of the things in "Jacob's cabin" with Ben and the voice that Locke heard. Interesting episode, with some good Richard backstory thatc casts light on the Jacob/Smokey struggle. Not enough answers, but do we ever get enough answers on LOST? Ever? Bueller? Bueller?
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