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writing "Chase" and organizing

I did a little bit of work on the rewrite of "Game of Chase" today, mainly just entering the notes from the old SacSpec review back in February and doing some thinking about next revision. I want to switch from first person present to third person past and clean up some of the issues that the critique raised. After that, I'll take Bruce Taylor up on his offer (made back at Norwescon) to read something - we'll see if the offer still stands.

I also did some major organizing of the writing "plan", which is really just the list of stories and thoughts about them and what I'm working on. I realized I'm almost at 20 stories now, and I think walking into Viable Paradise with 24 stories in the bag would be a nice goal. Currently, that would mean getting the following stories done by end of September: "Witness", "Now and Then", "The Alien Across the Hall", "One Night with the Picture Lady", "Real Enuf 4 U", and "Real Space". It increases my output, but it just might be doable!

Oh yeah, and then there's all that critiquing, like for SacSpec and Critters and SFF. I especially need to get cranking on Critters. There's also all that traveling in June (2 days work in Portland), July (3 week vacation), and August (possibly 2 days work in Boise, if not more). Anything else to throw on the pot?
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