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LOST, Episode 10, "The Package" and Episode 11, "Happily Ever After"

This is a double catch-up, watching online, as I was gone for two weeks

Had to watch with Firefox, as IE wasn't working!
When you pause and go back it gets all squished - what the hey?

Episode 10: "The Package"

And the night vision is who?

This will obviously cover how Sideways Jin got from the airport customs to the freezer where Sayid found him. Sun and Jin are not married - interesting. I thought they were married by now in the plane crash timeline.

Sayid "doesn't feel anything" - this explains his attitude.

Interesting sneak attack, obviously from those with night goggles, obviously by Widmore's people. Who want Jin, for some reason. Maybe it's the candidate thing.

Sun is tweaked. Will she stomp off to try to find Jin? Nobody here is very happy about things at all, certainly not Sun.

For Sideways Sun and Jin, not married is not an issue.

Sun has to be thinking "if I don't go with him, will he kill me too?" Interesting that he didn't go all smokey and chase her instead of staying as Locke. Running into a log is pretty silly.

What was Sun going to tell him? Perhaps that she's pregnant? Oh great, Keamy again. Keamy is a huge guy.

I'm getting the feeling that Locke wants all the candidates together for a reason. It might be how he gets off the island. (which he says) Oh no, it's Room 23 again! We haven't seen that room in a long time. I forget who is on what island - Locke is not on Hydra Island, but I don't recall Room 23 being on Hydra Island. I also have a feeling that Locke is not *really* planning on using that plane.

Nice use by the writers of "whatever happens, happens" to echo the old episode title "whatever happened, happened".

At least we got a kind of an explanation of why Locke couldn't just smoke across the water.

And Mikhail is mentioned in this episode. And here he is! And he speaks Korean!

Interesting that Sun can now only speak Korean. This sppears to be a bit of a plot contrivance so that people can't quite communicate.

So Widmore doesn't know smokey. I wonder if he knows (knew) Jacob?

No money for Sun, and that can't be a surprise.

Well that's an interesting twist that makes sense, that Keamy was being paid to kill Jin.

Widmore isn't really running the most organized of ships.

That is such a teary, nice scene with Jin and the camera. Widmore is certainly coming off as a good guy so far.

"Simply cease to be"? What the heck does that mean? Oooh, we get to see the package. Is the package Faraday? Or Desmond?

I think Jin is playing dead. And he was. And Mikhail got it in the eye. Ew. And Sun is shot, which I was guessing was going to happen, and Sun is pregnant, which we knew.

So Man In Black left Sayid behind to find out what's on the sub. And it is, indeed, Desmond.

Summary: They didn't tell us what happened to Sideways Jin and Sun! This seemed to play games with the Sun/Jin split, fooling around with it in order to draw out suspense and show us the actions of the other island power players. The battle lines are being drawn, and we know what the identity of Widmore's "Secret Weapon" is. All in all, this was an all right episode but I felt like things were just being set up for the next episode.

Episode 11: "Happily Ever After"

No "previously on LOST" on this one, cause we're right into it! Desmond hasn't been around much. Last we saw him was when was saying goodbye to the LOSTies after getting them to the tracking station. We also saw him when Ben came to kill Penny and didn't - perhaps he was in the hospital from that attack/shooting. I've lost a little track of the timeline. OK, that is what happened.

"The test". Certainly something to do with Desmond's "special abilities".

Whoops. One dead tech. That was done, of course, to show us what could happen.

A catastrophic electromagnetic event and do it again. Perhaps that relates to how you can defeat Smokey.

I don't remember if this "Desmond flying through time" imagery is the same as when he turned the failsafe.

This is truly sideways Desmond, I assume. I don't think we've seen sideways Desmond before (except on the plane next to Jack). And who is "The Boss" for whom Desmond is the right-hand man? Widmore? Yup.

Widmore's son the musician? That must be Daniel Faraday. I guess Ellie got off the island before it blew. And Desmond to baby-sit Charlie, and gets the 60-year-old scotch, too!

Charlie's speech is apparently about Claire, and perhaps about the timeline of the plane crash timeline. Did Charlie get some sort of view of the other timeline? Charlie apparently believes that death is a pathway to comething else. And it is - because Desmond had a flash of Charlie's death in the plane crash timeline.

An MRI! That will probably cause Desmond to flip out. He had hallucinations of Penny. Well, it took eleven episodes but finally the Sideways timeline is starting to get weird. And this one is all Sideways episode.

More "what happened, happened". A "violation". "Not ready yet". "You have everything you wanted". This is one wild conversation. And here comes Sideways Faraday (aka Daniel Widmore)!

Faraday's seeing Charlotte, then writing weird equations. Then talking about "other lives". The stadium, a la when Desmond met Jack. Perhaps Penny is training for an around-the-world race.

And Sideways Desmond and Sideways Penny are together. And sideways Desmond is going to make some trouble! Now it's getting interesting.

Summary: Well, well, well, well, well, well, well. *That* was pretty wild. So Desmond wants to show the "LOSTies" that the life they have might not be the real life. And, of course, that will have to be done with a near-death experience. But why? What's the point? Just because he thinks it's better. Well, a lot of them have a pretty good thing going in the Sideways timeline. The other big question is how this relates to somehow "defeating" Smokey who, from what everyone is saying, is the big bad super bad and will wipe out the world.

Damon and Carlton have talked about the final season being structured as three acts and I think we're just about to start the third act. In this act, everything is probably going to break apart in one way or the other in *both* timelines. "Happily Ever After" is certainly being ironically here. Certainly.

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