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[writing] quick writing-a-ma-jig updates

- CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE URBAN KIND, the urban-legends-meet-aliens anthology that contains my story "Green Tears on Black Velvet", is now available for purchase! Go buy it! Heck, buy two and give one to a friend or a library! There are many fine authors in the TOC and I'm very pleased to be in their company.

- Wrote about 400 words this morning on a new story, for an anthology submission due in about another week. Since I didn't write much (any) on vacation and was deep in work before vacation, I was a little bit (a lot) rusty. But there's no way to get back on that horse and get riding than the threat of an impending deadline.

- Speaking of horses and getting on them, I need to get the submissions machine cranked up again. I basically have *no* submissions out. Not going to get any sales that way. Quite a few stories are ready to go, as is The List of Places. Just do it, Yeff!

- I did confirm for myself over the last few months that the desire to write is still there, though it has been weakened by the heavy work demands and even by vacation travel. In addition, the "crisis of confidence" issue continues to bruise and batter the writing desire. I believe both those problems will be solved by writing, every single day, and it will all work out in the end.

As Bear Gryllis often says in _Man Versus Wild_ (which we discovered during vacation), "just keep moving".
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