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LOST Season 6, Episode 12: "Everybody Loves Hugo"

I'm certain that Libby will be in the Sideways world, as will Michael. And maybe even that they will apearr as ghosts to Hugo. And I bet that Sideways Desmond finds Sideways Hugo and tries to convince him of the existence of the world.

Obviously, this wealthy entrepreneur and philanthropist is Sideways Hugo.

Mr. Cluck's House For Children - great!

Michael doesn't want Hurley to go to the island. Interesting.

Sideways Libby! It looks like Sideways Libby might have had a experience like Charlie and Desmond and that she knows of the other timeline where she and Hugo met.

I knew that was going to happen - Ilana was talking too much. That was the highly convenient and predictable death (see Doc Arzt, and Frogurt).

Smokey Locke sure wants to get off this god-forsaken rock.

Hugo isn't doing a good job of convincing people to avoid the island.

Indeed, here's Sideways Desmond meeting Sideways Hugo. I believe that Sideways Hugo was never in Santa Rosa so he doesn't know Libby from there. Of course, Sideways Desmond's number is 42.

Does Desmond really think it's John Locke? I'm a bit doubtful.

Wow - Hugo blew up the *whole* Black Rock! In the name of protection. At the commandment of Michael.

Sideways Hugo knows how to use money to get what he wanted. I wonder if Dave will be there in Santa Rosa, somewhere.

Libby has memories of another life, the life in the Plane Crash Timeline. She's had an experience too.

Smokey is a master manipulator, or at least tries to be. It's that kid again! The one that Sawyer and SmokeyLocke saw.

I think that Hurley might be trying to put one over on the rest of the people. Too bad Richard has a test. Seems like if they go talk to Locke, then all the candidates are together in one place. Which is what SmokeyLocke wants. And thus it might not be a good idea. Maybe Smokey Locke has more control over the dead people sees than we think.

Jack is maturing, in a way.

Backwards voices. Maybe we'll find out what the backwards voices are. It's people, ghosts, stuck on the island. They can't move on. Hm.

Sideways Hurley flashes to the other timeline. Desmond's work is done here.

This Desmond/Locke dynamic is interesting. I think that Desmond knows more than he's letting on, as does Locke. Will Locke push Desmond down the well? Desmond should so not trust Locke. I knew it. Down the well Desmond goes? But is he dead? I think the well was the one that led to the wheel. But there were a lot of wells.

And Smokey Locke gets a present.

Sideways Locke, with Sideways Desmond watching him. Now *that's* how you show someone another timeline.

Note from preview (with Willy Wonka music/narration) that Desmond is indeed alive at the bottom of the well.

Summary: It's the setup, at the conclusion of what has been called the Second Act of the Last Season of LOST. Almost all the candidates in one place (maybe all, depending on how the "Kwon" name works with Sun/Jin). Sideways Desmond doing bad things to the LOSTies in order to "show them something". Sounds like it's all getting set up to wind to a close. How will it close? Heck if I know!
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