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Norwescon 2007: Flash Fiction Workshop

The Flash Fiction Workshop was Thursday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. I received an email from the workshop organizers the week before the session saying that there were still spots left. I had somehow missed the email about the workshop, but it sounded like fun and since it was run by Mary Rosenblum I knew it would be useful. So, I signed up and I'm very very glad I did.

Once I signed up for the workshop, my brain started crunching - what would be a reasonable idea for a Flash Fiction story (less than 1000 words)? An idea popped into my head! I started breaking down the idea, and got the first two lines of the story and how it might end. Then, I forced myself to stop and save it for the workshop.

At the workshop, we had an introduction from Mary about what you are trying to achieve in flash fiction then we all wrote for the rest of the first hour. I made through almost all of the story. The time limit was nice, I kept thinking "keep it short" and "get to the point". I ended up with four "scenes": intro, explanation of situation, conflict/resolution, and wrapup/exit. I liked the story and was happy with what I'd done.

For the next hour, people would volunteer read their stories and Mary would comment on them. I did a little tuning while others read, and I must apologize for not listening to other folks' stories as closely as I should have. I was very very distracted.

Finally, I volunteered to read. I got a couple laughs in places I'd hoped might be humorous. At the end, Mary said "That was good. You should send it to Stan at Analog." (!) A couple other folks gave nice comments as well!

My story was one of the last, and people started trickling out during the last couple to go to other sessions. Mary wrapped up and we were done.

I must say, it was quite an experience. Fun, yet stressful, yet very very rewarding and enjoyable. I wrote a story in an hour and it didn't totally suck! During the rest of the con, occasionally folks from the workshop would come up to me and say they had enjoyed the story! It was rather mind-blowing.

Since then, I've done a small revision on the story, and I'm mailing it in tomorrow. I'm going to try Asimov's first because I think it fits with the Asimov's sensibilities. If they take it, I'll be overjoyed. If they don't, then perhaps it can serve as a nice calling card. If it comes back from Asimov's, then I'll try Analog and I'll keep trying places until it finds a home. I think there's a home for it somewhere.

Wow. I'm still stunned by the workshop and the result. I'm certainly glad I got the email and signed up. Talk about luck!
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