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[writing] hey, it's me! in print!

I received a pleasant surprise in the mail the other day. My copy of Kaleidotrope #8, which includes my story "Visiting the Ladies Room Exhibit at the Human Museum".

The cover: The story:

This was my first sale to a print publication, and I had almost forgotten about it since the sale was a while ago. But here it is! The story was a lark I wrote to a prompt of a photo of the entrance to a Ladies' Room. I had fun writing it, and it found a nice home at Kaleidotrope. Also, I get to share a TOC with Camille Alexa camillealexa and Paul Abbamondi pabba, among others. It's good company to be in.

In addition, my contributor's copy of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE URBAN KIND should be arriving any day now. I think these events are reminders from the universe that while work is chewing up most of my time and energy right now, the writing isn't done with me yet. Nor am I done with writing. I'm just in a slow spot. But there will be fast spots again. I (and the universe) guarantee it.
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