jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

yup, that's a sprained finger alright!

I managed to sprain my left index finger last night while playing australian rules football. I forgot that you actually have to use your hands to catch a footy, and that they don't just automatically adhere to your fingertips. So my left index finger got bent back, and is swollen today.

Left Finger: Right Finger:

It doesn't show up as well in the pictures as it does in the real-life side-by-side comparison, but there's no way to take a picture when both your hands are on the desk.

I'll just keep icing it today (along with my sore patellar tendons), wrap it up for Saturday's game, and it will be fine.

And for anyone who actually stuck around this long, here's a bonus picture from Australia: a kangaroo and her joey, at the nature park (click on it for the bigger version).

Isn't that just sooooo cute?
Tags: australia, fitness

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