jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

what a weekend it was!

Well, *that* was a weekend. Party, Math Contest, Footy, Highland Games.

Friday night I was busy preparing for the upcoming weekend, so I wasn't able to join the full "Friday Night Out" the sacfooty people had planned. But I was able to head down to Pre-Flight and join them for drinks and conversation before they headed out for the evening, and it was very nice. Pre-Flight is a small cool bar in downtown Sacramento near the mall. The owners are friendly, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the drinks are strong! It's like Cheers, even if everyone doesn't know our names. Yet.

When I hit home I made ANZAC Biscuits, got my math contest and footy stuff together, and hit the hay around 11.

Saturday morning I got up at the crack of pre-dawn (5 AM) so that I could get out of the house by 5:45 and zoom down to Pleasanton for the MATHLEAGUE.ORG NorCal State Championships. It's one of the highest-level math contests in the area, and the area is one of the highest level concentration of middle/high school math talent in the country (if not *the* highest level). I ended up serving as Emcee for the contest, keeping the testing room running efficiently and trying to stay as close to schedule as we could (which we did). I also helped hand out awards.

It was good for me to be there, as I had some students from my Sacramento area club and contests competing and now I can offer them some insight into the tests. Also, I'll be an assistant coach for the SF Bay Area team to ARML in June so it's good for those kids to get used to having my goofy face around.

Once the contest and awards were done, I zoomed up to Concord for the GGAFL ANZAC Day "Aussies/Kiwis Versus The World" game. As I was running late, I was worried I'd miss half the game. But the game was also running late and so I was able to get dressed, get warmed up, and get ready along with the rest of the guys. Unfortunately, while I was warming up I stepped in a hole and my left leg went just the right way to re-strain my already aggravated left calf (aggravation dates back to the October USFOOTY Nationals injury and has, I guess, never quite healed). Dangit! Fortuantely, I was able to find some athletic tape and tape it up (over my sock) as best I could and keep playing. Love that Footy!

Final summary was: one point scored (and it should have been a goal but I mis-kicked), a couple marks, a couple disposals, some decent running, some okay defense when playing fullback, and in the end a whole lot of fun on a beautiful day in the Bay Area. Oh yeah, and the World Beat The Aussies! Now we get to lord it over them for the whole year. Not that I would do that. Afterwards was beer, sausages, chatting, and just hanging out with the gang.

Injury Report: Beyond the calf strain, I slightly sprained the middle finger on my left hand and have the standard collection of sore spots and bruises. Not too bad overall. Hopefully I can get the calf healed up in time for this weekend's game (the first game of the official season).

We zipped back to Sacramento, showered and cleaned up, then C and I headed down to Capitol Towers for a dip in the hot tub and watching of the AFL ANZAC Day Collingwood/Essendon game. After the first half Collingwood was waaay in the lead and we were tired so we went home.

Sunday we got up somewhat early (9 AM), ate some breakfast, strapped on our kilts, grabbed A's friend M, and went to the Scottish Highland Games at the Yolo County Fairgrounds. Highland Games are always a blast, with food (including meat pies!), drink (beer, whiskey, etc), music (bands like Wicked Tinkers), dancing (highland competitions and country dancing), animals (dogs, cattle, sheep), merchandise vendors, herding demonstrations, historical areas, kids games, and heavy athletics (big people throwing big things around).

We had a great time, wandering around and seeing everything, eating and drinking all sorts of things that aren't necessarily good for us, and watching great music, dancing, and athletics. And I entered the Bonnie Knees Contest (for kilted men only) and got a prize. I must have been somewhere around top ten or so as I got a Wicked Tinkers t-shirt and CD!

By Sunday evening we were done. I worked on a math contest, the kids did homework and then watched Mythbusters, we had turkeyburgers for dinner. Everyone crashed but I stayed up finishing the math contest writing and then watching a six-part special on Mt. Everest until 1:45 AM. Not too smart, as I had to get up at 6AM this morning, but I was riveted.

And that was the weekend that was. Fun, busy, tiring. What more could I want?

Once I get some pictures off the phone, I'll post them here as well.
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