jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

a loooong fun day of footy!

After getting the kids to the in-laws, I hit downtown and picked up a van full of people for this week's GGAFL game in Concord.

We took some time before the first game to do some co-ed drills and play a "halfcourt" game. It was a lot of fun and a good warmup before the full field games.

First game was Marin versus San Francisco, and I was the goal umpire for the first three quarters. Much fun, I got to make the "double gunshot" symbol a few times and watch how the game developed from the end zone. Marin won by a few, which means a tough game for my team (the Oakland Pirates) in two weeks.

Second game was Oakland versus San Jose. Oakland came out playing hard, got a good lead, and just kept pushing to move the ball, run around, and play as tough as we could. In the end, we had a solid victory and knocked on the door of 100 points.

I ended up playing a lot of halfback and fullback (defense) with a short stint at half-forward flank. While that didn't mean much scoring (one behind on a kick that I blew past the front line), I got a fair amount of touches on the ball and did a decent job moving it forward. Disposals, they call them - that was the name of my game today.

We hung out afterwards for beer and hamburgers, and after the drive back we did a short stint in the hot tub at the apartments. Now I'm back at home, watching another Everest special, and getting ready to go to bed. Because I have to get up at 5:30 to go to Manteca for an all-day soccer tournament.

Overall, a good day of footy indeed!
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