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LOST: Season 6, Episode 13 "The Candidate"

Pre-Hash: After a week off, we're back! I wonder, oh I wonder, what this episode might be about. Maybe a candidate? Maybe we find out who the candidate is? That, and what happened to the other LOSTies with Mr. Widmore. And the people in the Sideways Hospital.

As always with LOST, there are several links to the title. Sideways Locke is a "candidate" for surgery. I think the Jack/Locke relationship will be a focus in both timelines.

So Sayid took Jack to Hydra Island? That's kind of weird. Unless Smokey Locke was along for the ride.

Bernard the dentist! Does Bernard really think Jack was flirting with Rose, or is he just kidding? Boy Bernard was acting weird.

Now if it's Locke's boat, why doesn't he take it off the island? I don't believe Smokey Locke for a second.

Touching Sun/Jin moment. Yay! And then apower outage. Uh oh. And then smoke monster noises. And then smoke monster. Like you can shoot a smoke monster. What you really need is Desmond. Desmond and a large electromagnetic event.

Sideways Locke doesn't want the operation, wonder what the back story is behind this? Did Sideways Anthony Cooper still push Sideways Locke out the window? And is he in a nursing home because he has Alzheimers and doesn't remember? Actually, he's pretty catatonic.

Kill a man *and* take his watch. That's pretty cold. So there was a bomb on the plane. From Widmore. I wonder if the submarine was Smokey's plan all along. Sawyer is still conning Smokey Locke. And if I were Frank, I'd watch my back because they don't need a pilot any more.

"Get it in the water". That's interesting. What does Sawyer know? What's with water and Smokey?

Now Sideways Locke is flashing to the other timeline with "push the button". And Sideways Claire and Sideways Jack realize they were on the same flight.

Maybe the smokey/water thing is why he won't go all smokey near the sub? And what's in all the backpacks? And now the shooting starts. Sideways Locke seems very happy that they are all on that sub. Because he gave them a bomb. I guess he can kill the candidates, but indirectly? That's why he wanted to watch.

BTW, four minutes is a long time. Surface and toss it out. Shoot it out the missle tubes. I guess they can't surface that fast. Jack is putting together the Rules. Smokey could have killed them all a million time by now - Jack needed to make that point.

OMG, Sayid just killed himself. Lipitas is probably dead. I wonder if that's what "the Candidate" means - everyone else dies. This is terrible! How are we going to have four more episodes? This is mean. But I do think that now we are going to see the purpose of the Sideways timeline. It's where we will have happy, content, settled LOSTies.

Will we close with the Sideways timeline. In Sideways, Locke crashed a plane with Dad on board. No luck convincing Sideways Locke.

That was not a happy episode. Not at all. Ouch. And next week we get the "Man In Black / Jacob" story.

Summary: Holy Crap! That was mean! Especially killing off Sun and Jin, when we know they have a baby. And Sayid! And Lipitas! These guys are playing for keeps. I'm mad a LOST right now because that wasn't fair.
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