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no LOST posts on LJ? None?

I got home late last night and watched LOST on tape while eating dinner, and was just too tired to do my real-time blogging and discussion.

Summary: I liked it, it was obvious they are getting the pieces in places for the finale. Including moving a couple pieces off the board, so to speak. (Incidentally, I called all the deaths a couple minutes beforehand). Some characters took turns that were a little bit surprising, while other turns were not so surprising.

The Sideways world was intriguing. The lines of the Sideways characters are drawing closer together.

The big mystery is how the big mysteries wrap up: what happens on the island, or even with the island? What happens with the Sideways timeline? And, at the core of both questions, what happens to our beloved characters?

5 days left. I know where *I'll* be all Sunday evening.
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